Epoch Purpose Elite 10 Degree Dragonfly Purpose Pro Composite Women's Lacrosse Stick

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The Purpose 10-Degree is engineered down to the smallest detail and proven at the highest level. Designed, manufactured, and tied up right here in the USA, the Purpose features Epoch's patent pending 10-degree bottom rail. The 10-degree bottom rail technology is built to give you performance benefits when playing inside (I.T.8.) and outside (O.T.8.) the 8-meter, giving versatile players a high pocket for feel and control. The Purpose 10-Degree is ultra-light weight for unmatched feel and achieves the perfect balance of speed and power - attributes that exist on both sides of the field. Play with Purpose.

S32 - 7/8" Diameter. Slim Concave Geometry. Control.

The Flex you get:
Flex iQ9 - Designed to give players the perfect amount of flex when finishing inside, shooting on the run, or standing and shooting on the 8-meter.