About Us

The Lacrosse Lounge began as a bit of a wild dream of an idea back in 2016. A conversation with a good friend, Jason, of Northernsoul took place and the idea to open the ONLY Lacrosse Store outside of Greater Manchester in the UK was born. Without the help of NS, we wouldn't be where we are today, their guidence, help and support have allowed us to get this journey underway.

A place to hang out with friends, watch some lacrosse, check out the newest lacrosse gear and generally just emerse ourselves in the sport we love is what has come of this dream. It's not been easy, and we have been by no means perfect up to now.

We started out life in the house, with just a few boxes of stuff going in and out of the car on a weekly basis. It wasn't big, but it was a good starting point and made us take the leap of faith to see what could happen.


Then we moved in a semi converted garage at the end of the garden which slowly turned into a small shop style set up with a TV and a sofa. It was here that we started to really feel the potential for the community aspect of what we had hoped for, coming to life.


We have since doubled in size and moved ourselves in our most recent home on Offley Hoo Farm. We have been out to events vending at the SEMLA 6's and the SEMLA Flags Finals, we've been supporting the Summer Sessions hosted by Hillcroft LC, we have set up shop at Hitchin LC play days as well as driving to Universities across the South of England hosting pop up shops to bring the lacrosse equipment to the wider community.

The past year has probably been our most eventful, even though the COVID pandemic has put pay to our normal day to day dealings. We may have become less visable on social media, we may not have been able to run our 'Friday Night Lights League' but, we have been working on some new partnerships and expansions. 2020 saw us joining forces with Lacrosse Apparel and we now sit as a combined business, helping provide a one stop shop for all your custom lacrosse needs.

We still see this as a stepping stone on to bigger and better things and even as I type this, we are working towards the next step in the growth of the Lounge. What comes next? I guess you will just have to wait and see, but if all goes well, its going to be quite the impressive next step up!

Thanks for taking the time to visit us here at The Lacrosse Lounge, if you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to drop me a line,


Live, Love, LAX!