Welcome to The Lax Lounge

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Welcome to The Lax Lounge

Welcome to the long awaited (by some people at least) Lax Lounge website and more importantly our blog section 'Lounge Talk'!

It is our intention to fill this section with all things lacrosse that interest us (and hopefully you) and we think are worth talking about. We also want to use 'LoungeTalk' as a chance to celebrate and share all the good things that are done by the lacrosse community outside of the game.

From match reports to league chat, from SEMLA to the PLL and NCAA, World Lacrosse, Rules, Regulations, Equipment and any other general stuff we come up with, you will find it all here. We would love you to be a part of the conversations so please do get involved in any topics that interest you.

We are brand new to the world of 'blogging' so please bear with us. This section may take a short while to get fully up to speed and any help / support or guidence will always be very gratefully received.

If you are involved in the game and have a business / charity / interest outside of the sport and you would like to be featured / get a little more exposure to the things you do, drop us a line and we would LOVE to share your story.

For now, thats it, Welcome once again and thank you so much for taking the time to come and check us out, it really is amazing to finally launch the site and we hope you enjoy your time with us.


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